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How To Use Affirmation Cards for Kids

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to incorporate affirmation cards into your life so that your child will benefit and see the purpose behind such a powerful tool.

Affirmations can assist with your child's emotional well being, anxiety, enhance their self esteem, confidence and positive self talk. 

It is a great idea to start by having a simple conversation about affirmations so they understand what they are and how they work. 

 Helpful ways to explain and discuss affirmations with your child:

  • "Affirmations teach you (us) new and positive ways of thinking. They can help you believe in yourself, feel happy, and help you feel better when you are angry or sad. Let’s try them and see what we think!”
  • "Affirmations encourage kind and happy ways of thinking, you will remember them when you need them most."

After explaining to your child the purpose and benefits of reading and discussing positive affirmations, it can be helpful to place your cards around your home in areas that they will see them.

Great ways to include affirmation cards into everyday:

  • On the mirror in their bathroom - something to read while brushing their teeth
  • On their bedside table - a positive way to wake and start the day
  • In the kitchen for all to see - discuss how your child feels and thinks about the card they have read


Tips For Younger Children - Under ages of 5 or 6

For kids under the age of 5 or 6 when they're not reading yet, you can read the words on each card during bed time, bath time, or chat about them one on one.

This works very well at this age for working through and understanding big + new emotions. Many have found this process of incorporating reading affirmation cards into their daily or weekly routine a beautiful way of staying connected to their little ones.

Tips for Children Ages 6-12

At this age, you may like to read the affirmation cards together. It can be a beautiful bedtime ritual, or you could encourage your child to choose a new card each morning and come and tell you what their card says. You may find that this allows you the chance to discuss emotions or issues that they may be experiencing, and opening doors for conversation. 

Tips for Teens

Encourage your teen to read their card out loud (even just to themselves) as it is by far more powerful when read and heard.
Repetition and frequency is critical. We all know the power of repetition when building new habits. 
Just before bed at night and first thing in the morning are the two most powerful times to engage with affirmations.



The simple act of reading these positive and encouraging words will help our children affirm positive beliefs - creating a fantastic foundation that will help them internalize good values, which allows them to develop confidence and a healthy sense of self.

No one will ever influence your child's life the amount that their own thoughts will influence them. By teaching them a better way to talk to themselves, you’ll help them live their lives with success and happiness.


think it, believe it, do it, live it.